Best Pool Builder in Austin

We follow or surpass the NPSI (National Pool and Spa Institute) building standards in all areas.  We are the best pool builder in Austin where we use the best pool equipment products on the market, not the cheaper less quality equipment.

We are NOT a big-name franchise that makes cookie-cutter pools where the customer is lost in the shuffle.  Because we are a home-grown, personally-owned, and managed company, we are able to give you much more individualized attention and a better quality of service than the larger, impersonal companies.  We are building our reputation one pool at a time.  We want every person we build a pool for to be so completely satisfied with the experience that they will heartily recommend us to others.

Pool Builder in Round-Rock

We owner-supervise all phases of each pool’s construction on-site.  A common practice with many of the other pool companies is to send out various workers to your yard with long intervals in-between visits, taking forever (5-6 months plus) to build your pool.  Instead, we work with the homeowner hand-in-hand throughout the entire pool building process and usually build our pools within 8-10 weeks! Because we are a more understanding pool company Austin we have no problem making the changes you may want to make during the process either.

Why Choose Dream Pools and Spas

Better Quality

We hand pick only high-end pool builders and use only the best building methods and equipment.

Better Service

We have ‘on site’ supervision. These supervisors are also your builders.

Better Personal Service

We bring out and introduce the crews to you, and we go over your vision together.

Better Price

We don’t waste a lot of your money on overhead such as advertising and sales staff.

Better Building Time

Our crews are used to working together, and they are in constant communication with one another.

Better Communication

You are not passed off to some misc. staff that is unfamiliar with your project and lost in the shuffle.


Besides our superb quality and personal service, we can also give you the BEST price of any other pool company.  We can do this because we don’t spend a lot of money on advertising, we don’t price-gouge, and we don’t charge the customer for extras that don’t cost us anything.  This honest, common-sense approach to business allows us to save our customers thousands of dollars.

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