How to Deal with Common Pool Pests and Critters in Cedar Park

Fellow Cedar Park residents! Dealing with common pool pests and critters can be quite the challenge by Dreampools, but fear not – I’ve got some handy tips to keep your swimming experience critter-free. From pesky mosquitoes to curious raccoons, we’ve all faced these unwanted guests. In this guide, we’ll dive into some effective and humane ways to keep your pool area pest-free. So, if you’re tired of sharing your pool with uninvited visitors, stick around as we explore simple yet effective solutions to make your pool time much more enjoyable. Let’s jump in and reclaim our pools from those critters!

Cover Up:

Sure thing! Covering up your pool is like giving it a cozy blanket for protection. Think of it as a shield against not only leaves and debris but also those pesky critters. When you’re not splashing around, a good-quality pool cover comes to the rescue, keeping out the stuff you don’t want in your pool. It’s like saying, “Hey critters, this pool is closed for your adventurous swims!” So, before you bid adieu to your pool for the day, throw on that cover and let it work its magic. It’s a small step that goes a long way in maintaining a critter-free aquatic haven!

Regular Maintenance:

Picture this: you and your pool, having a daily chat. Regular maintenance is like that friendly conversation you have to keep things in check. Grab your trusty skimmer and give your pool a quick sweep every day. It’s like tidying up your room, but for your pool – no one likes a messy pool party, right? Also, those trees and shrubs around your pool? They’re like VIP guests dropping leaves into the water. Show them who’s boss by giving them a trim. Trust me, a little daily TLC goes a long way in keeping your pool clear of debris and not-so-welcome critters. Your pool will thank you with crystal-clear waters and a critter-free zone to splash around in!

Maintain Water Chemistry:

Alright, let’s talk pool chemistry – it’s like your pool’s secret recipe for staying pest-free. Imagine your pool as a fancy spa, and you’re the chemist creating the perfect potion, all while you consider the importance of choosing the right pool filter. Keeping the water balanced with the right amount of chlorine and pH levels not only makes your swim safe but also makes critters think twice before taking a dip. It’s like giving them a “Sorry, we’re closed” sign. So, grab your pool testing kit, do those regular checks, and adjust the chemicals as needed. When your pool water is a well-balanced concoction, pests like mosquitoes won’t find it inviting to lay their eggs, and you’ll be enjoying your swim without any unwanted company. Cheers to chemistry that keeps the critters at bay!

Fence it Off:

  1. Create a Barrier: Think of a fence as a friendly “Do Not Enter” sign for critters. Erecting a sturdy fence around your pool area acts as a physical barrier, keeping larger pests like raccoons and possums from turning your pool into their personal hangout.
  2. Choose the Right Height: When picking a fence, go for one that’s tall enough to deter curious critters. A fence that’s at least 4-5 feet high should do the trick and make those critters think twice before attempting to scale it.
  3. Lock it Up: A locked gate is like the bouncer at the entrance to your pool party. Make sure your fence has a secure gate that’s kept locked when the pool is not in use. This way, you’re preventing any unwelcome guests from sneaking in.
  4. Visual Barrier: Opt for a fence that’s not too easy to see through. This visual barrier prevents critters from even getting a glimpse of the tempting waters on the other side, reducing their curiosity.
  5. Check for Gaps: Regularly inspect the fence for any gaps, holes, or weak spots. Critters are crafty, and if they spot a potential opening, they might just take advantage of it.
  6. Be Neighborly: If your pool area is close to your neighbors, consider discussing the idea of a shared fence. It’s a win-win – you both get added privacy and extra protection against critters.
  7. Landscaping Matters: Keep the area around the fence clear of objects that could be used as critter ladders. Trim any overhanging branches that might offer an easy route over the fence.

Empty Standing Water:

Time to tackle those pesky puddles and standing water around your pool – the ultimate critter playground! Picture this: those little pools are like a critter spa, complete with a “Swim at Your Own Risk” sign. By regularly emptying them, you’re essentially shutting down their exclusive hangout spot. Grab a bucket or a garden hose, give those puddles the boot, and watch as mosquitoes and other unwelcome guests lose their favorite breeding spots. It’s a bit like sweeping away their welcome mat!And hey, if you’re considering enhancing your pool area even further, don’t forget about the fantastic services offered by pool builders. They can transform your backyard into a true oasis, crafting the pool of your dreams right in your own space. So, whenever you spot standing water around your pool area, remember you’re not just preventing a mini insect party, you’re reclaiming your pool zone for enjoyable, critter-free swims.

Natural Repellents:

Ah, let’s chat about nature’s secret weapons against pesky critters: natural repellents! Think of them as your pool’s aroma therapy to keep unwanted guests at bay, all while you consider how to optimize pool safety for homes. Imagine enjoying your swim while the subtle scent of citronella wafts through the air – it’s like a spa day for both you and your pool. Whether it’s citronella candles, essential oil diffusers, or even planting lavender nearby, these natural wonders create a barrier that critters just don’t want to cross. It’s like setting up a fragrant force field that says, “No bugs allowed!” So, the next time you light up that citronella candle, remember you’re not just setting a relaxing mood – you’re also giving those critters a gentle nudge to stay far, far away from your pool oasis.

Proper Lighting:

Let’s shine a light on another critter-fighting trick: proper lighting! Imagine your pool area as a theater stage, and the right lighting is your way of setting the mood while also keeping the critters out of the spotlight. Instead of bright white lights that attract bugs like paparazzi, opt for warm, yellow, or amber lighting. It’s like telling critters, “Sorry, no VIP access here!” Plus, these softer lights create a cozy ambiance for your evening swims. So, as you bask in the gentle glow of your poolside lighting, remember you’re not just enjoying a relaxing atmosphere – you’re also sending those critters an invitation to stay away and let you enjoy your pool in peace.

Critter-Proof Landscaping:

  1. Rock and Roll: Lay down a barrier of gravel or rocks around your pool perimeter. It’s like drawing a line in the sand that critters won’t dare to cross.
  2. Plant Placement: Choose plants that critters tend to avoid, like rosemary, marigolds, or lavender. Place these strategically around your pool area as a natural repellent.
  3. Raise the Stakes: Create raised plant beds using stone or wood. This not only adds aesthetic appeal but also makes it less enticing for critters to wander in.
  4. Trim It Up: Keep shrubs and trees near the pool area well-trimmed. Avoid overhanging branches that critters might use as a bridge to access your pool.
  5. Mulch Barrier: Lay down a layer of mulch around plants. It acts as a barrier that critters would rather not cross, keeping your pool area critter-free.
  6. No Hiding Spots: Remove clutter or debris from the landscaping. Critters love hiding spots, so keeping it tidy reduces their hiding options.
  7. Fence-Friendly Plants: If you have a fence, consider planting dense, non-climbing shrubs near it. This creates an extra obstacle for critters attempting to get in.
  8. Keep it Simple: Opt for low-maintenance landscaping. The fewer hiding spots and cozy corners, the less appealing it is for critters to settle in.

Secure Trash Bins:

Let’s talk trash – not in a gossip way, but in a critter-proof way! Picture this: your trash bins are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for critters, and they’re ready to party. But wait! By securing your trash bins tightly, you’re essentially closing the door to their gourmet feast, while you also think about how to choose the right pool shape and size. It’s like turning off the neon “Open” sign on their favorite restaurant. Make sure those lids are snugly closed, and if possible, keep the bins away from your pool area. Because when critters can’t find a food fiesta, they’re less likely to crash your pool party. So, give those trash bins a little extra attention – you’re not just keeping your area tidy, you’re also telling critters, “Sorry, no free meals here!”


How do you get rid of water bugs?

To get rid of water bugs, eliminate standing water, fix leaks, and use insecticides around potential entry points.

How do you get rid of springtails?

To get rid of springtails, reduce moisture indoors, improve ventilation, and consider using insecticides if necessary.

What smell kills water bugs?

Peppermint oil and citrus scents can help repel and deter water bugs due to their strong smell.

What raid kills water bugs?

Raid Ant & Roach Killer or a similar insecticide spray can effectively kill water bugs.

What do you spray to keep bugs away?

Spraying a solution of diluted essential oils like citronella, lavender, or peppermint can help keep bugs away.


So there you have it, Cedar Park pool enthusiasts – a toolbox of tips to tackle those pesky pool pests and critters. By covering up, maintaining, and balancing your pool, you’re creating an environment that’s less inviting to unwanted guests. Fencing it off adds an extra layer of defense, while natural repellents and proper lighting create a more pleasant atmosphere for humans while sending critters packing. Remember, critter-proof landscaping, securing trash bins, and quick action with insecticides are your allies in the battle against pool invaders. With these strategies in place, you’ll be enjoying your pool in peace, free from those uninvited critter visitors. Happy swimming!

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