How to Update and Remodel Your Old or Outdated Pool in Austin

So, you’ve got an old or outdated pool in Austin that’s seen better days, huh? Well, fear not, because giving your pool a fresh new look is easier than you might think! Whether your pool’s tiles are fading, the deck is worn out, or the overall design just feels a bit “last decade,” there are plenty of exciting ways to update and remodel it. In this guide, Dreampools will diving into the pool renovation process, exploring design trends, cost-effective options, and how to turn that tired-looking pool into the sparkling oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Let’s splash into a pool transformation adventure!

Assessment and Planning:

Alright, let’s start by taking a good look at your old or outdated pool in Austin. If you’re working with a small backyard, consider exploring pool designs for small backyards to maximize your space effectively.Imagine standing by the poolside, evaluating what needs a makeover. Is the tiling fading? Maybe the deck has seen better days, or the pool’s overall vibe is more “last decade” than “current style.” No worries, though! The first step is all about assessing and planning. Take note of what exactly needs attention – whether it’s the tiles, the deck, the pool’s shape, or even the equipment. Then, envision what you want from this remodel. Are you aiming for a more modern design? Improved functionality? Once you’ve got your goals set, you’re ready to dive into the exciting process of giving your pool a fresh new look!

Design Vision:

Now that you’ve sized up your pool situation, let’s talk design dreams! Picture yourself flipping through magazines or scrolling online, gathering ideas that make you smile. This is the fun part – designing your updated pool oasis. Think about the latest trends and styles that catch your eye. Maybe you’re into sleek, minimalist designs, or perhaps you’re all about natural elements and calming colors. Take a moment to imagine how your dream pool would look – the tiles, the shape, the color scheme. It’s like creating a Pinterest board for your backyard paradise! Having a clear design vision will guide you through the rest of the process and ensure your pool remodel reflects your personal style and preferences.

Budget Setting:

Let’s get real about the budget for this pool transformation. Picture yourself sitting down with a cup of coffee, crunching the numbers. Before you jump into any pool remodeling project in Austin, it’s crucial to set a budget that works for you. If you’re also considering installing a new pool, don’t forget to make an informed decision about choosing the right pool shape and size that align with your budget and preferences.Think about what you’re comfortable spending on this makeover adventure. Consider the changes you want to make – new tiles, updated equipment, a revamped deck – and estimate the costs for each. Don’t forget to include a buffer for any unexpected surprises that might come up along the way. Remember, having a well-defined budget will help you prioritize where to invest and ensure you’re on track throughout the remodeling journey.So, let’s make sure your dream pool doesn’t just look great but also fits comfortably within your financial waters!

Selecting a Professional:

  1. Word of Mouth and Online Sleuthing:
    • Chat with friends, family, and neighbors who’ve tackled similar projects. Their recommendations are pure gold. Also, don’t skip the online detective work – browse forums, social media groups, and review sites to gather potential names.
  2. Peek at Portfolios:
    • It’s like flipping through an artist’s sketchbook. Check out the contractors’ portfolios – websites, social media, or photos of past projects. This gives you a sense of their style and whether it jives with your vision.
  3. Quoting Quest:
    • Request quotes from a few of the top contenders. Break down the numbers, see what’s included, and make sure it lines up with your budget. Remember, it’s not just about the lowest price but the value you’re getting.
  4. Meet and Greet Time:
    • Time for the face-to-face (or screen-to-screen) meetups. Schedule chats with potential contractors. Share your ideas, hear their thoughts, and see if there’s a creative spark.
  5. Vibe Check:
    • Chemistry matters, folks! You’re forming a team here. Trust your gut – are they genuinely excited about your project? Do you feel at ease chatting with them?
  6. Pro’s Past Projects:
    • Dive into their past work like you’re browsing a gallery. Have they transformed pools in a way that aligns with your vision? If their style resonates, you’re onto something good.
  7. Chat with Their Fans:
    • Don’t be shy about asking for references from their previous clients. It’s like interviewing someone before you hire them – you get real insights into what it’s like to work with this crew.

Upgrading Features:

Time to take your pool from drab to fab by upgrading its features! If you’re considering this transformation, don’t hesitate to seek expert pool builder services to ensure a seamless and successful upgrade.Imagine giving your pool a makeover that feels like a breath of fresh air. Here’s the scoop: Think about those worn-out tiles. Swap them out for something fresh and stylish. Picture yourself diving into crystal-clear water surrounded by vibrant new tiles that make you smile.And hey, let’s talk about that equipment. Imagine upgraded pumps and filters that work smarter, not harder. These modern wonders keep your pool pristine and your energy bills in check.Ever considered adding some pizzazz with new lighting? Think about LED lights that can change colors, setting the mood for cozy evenings or lively pool parties.Now, what about the deck? Picture a deck that beckons you to lounge in style. You could go for luxurious travertine, classic pavers, or even stamped concrete. It’s like giving your pool a red-carpet entrance!So, upgrading features isn’t just about making things work better; it’s about creating a pool experience that wows you and your guests. Get ready to splash into a whole new level of pool enjoyment!

Deck and Surroundings:

Time to zoom in on the deck and create a whole new vibe around your pool area! If you’re also concerned about seasonal changes, remember to take steps to protect your pool from freezing and cracking, especially in colder months.Imagine stepping out onto a deck that’s not just a place to lounge but a true outdoor haven. Think about replacing that worn-out deck with a fresh new material. Picture yourself strolling on travertine, the smooth, elegant stone that adds a touch of luxury to your poolside adventures.Or maybe you’re into the classic charm of pavers. Imagine a deck that’s not only durable but also sets the stage for cozy evenings around the pool, surrounded by friends and laughter. And don’t forget about stamped concrete – it’s like art for your deck. Envision patterns and colors that match your style, turning your pool area into an Instagram-worthy spot.But hey, it’s not just about the deck itself. Think about adding cozy seating areas, chic shade structures, and even a bit of greenery with well-placed landscaping. This is your chance to create a whole new ambiance around your pool.So, when you give your deck and surroundings a makeover, you’re not just refreshing the look; you’re transforming your pool area into a retreat that’s perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and making memories. Get ready to step into a whole new poolside paradise!

Water Features and Accessories:

Let’s turn up the fun factor of your pool by diving into water features and accessories! Just imagine taking your pool experience to a whole new level:Think about the soothing sound of cascading waterfalls. Picture water gently spilling over rocks, creating a serene oasis where you can escape the world.Or how about adding a playful touch with bubblers? Envision jets of water shooting up from the pool floor, delighting kids and adults alike with their whimsical charm.And for that extra splash of excitement, consider fountains. Imagine elegant streams of water dancing in the air, adding a touch of elegance and flair to your pool area.But we’re not done yet! Think about accessories that elevate your pool game. Envision a sleek diving board that invites you to take that exhilarating plunge or a slide that adds a twist of excitement to every swim.

Safety Measures:

  1. Fencing First:
    • Imagine setting up a sturdy fence around your pool, like a protective hug. This keeps curious critters and wandering kids away from the water when no one’s watching.
  2. Gate Guardian:
    • Envision a self-closing gate that clicks securely. This adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring the entrance to your pool area remains closed and inaccessible to little explorers.
  3. Non-Slip Nirvana:
    • Picture adding non-slip surfaces around the pool. This helps prevent those accidental slips and slides, making your pool deck a safe zone even with wet feet.
  4. Safety Covers:
    • Imagine a sturdy pool cover that acts like a shield when your pool isn’t in use. Not only does it keep leaves and debris out, but it also prevents accidental falls into the water.
  5. CPR and First Aid Kits:
    • Think about having CPR and first aid kits within arm’s reach. This way, you’re ready to handle any unexpected situations that might pop up.
  6. Swimming Lessons:
    • Envision investing in swimming lessons, especially for young ones. It’s like giving them an essential life skill that adds an extra layer of confidence and safety.
  7. Educational Signs:
    • Imagine posting clear signs around the pool area. These remind everyone of important safety rules and practices, ensuring a fun and secure environment.
  8. Regular Maintenance:
    • Picture a routine maintenance schedule. Regular checks on equipment and pool conditions ensure everything is in tip-top shape, reducing potential hazards.


Can an existing pool be modified?

Absolutely, existing pools can be modified and transformed through various renovations and upgrades.

Can you change shape of old pool?

Yes, with the right expertise and resources, it’s possible to change the shape of an old pool through a remodeling process.

What does it mean to refurbish a pool?

To refurbish a pool means to renovate, restore, and update its various components, such as the structure, tiles, equipment, and aesthetics, to improve its overall condition and appearance.

What can I turn my inground pool into?

You can transform your inground pool into a luxurious oasis by adding features like waterfalls, spa elements, modern tiling, and upgraded landscaping.

What can a swimming pool be converted to?

A swimming pool can be converted into a versatile space, such as a garden, a patio, or an outdoor entertainment area, depending on your preferences and needs.


In conclusion, transforming your old or outdated pool in Austin is an exciting journey that holds the promise of refreshing relaxation and renewed enjoyment. By assessing your pool’s needs, envisioning a modern design, setting a practical budget, selecting skilled professionals, and upgrading features like tiles, equipment, and the deck, you can revitalize your pool area. Adding water features, safety measures, and considering possible conversions can further enhance your space. With careful planning and creative vision, your pool can be reborn as a stunning focal point of your outdoor haven, ready to welcome you, your family, and friends into a revitalized and inviting oasis.

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